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The Mixtape: Jim and Max from Radio Active

13 Jan 2018

This week's mixtape selectors are father-and-son duo Jim Scott and Max Scott-Murray, who have a lifelong connection to Wellington's Radio Active 88.6FM. Audio


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Today’s Schedule

12:04 AM. All Night Programme

Including: 12:06 Music after Midnight; 12:30 Insight (RNZ); 1:15 Country Life Story (RNZ); 2:05 The Forum (BBC); 3:05 Naked in Budapest by Heather Hapeta (5 of 7, RNZ); 3:30 Eyewitness; (RNZ); 4:25 NZ Constitution (RNZ); 4:25 Noise Exposure (RNZ); 5:10 Witness (BBC) ; ​5:45: Allen Adair by Jane Mander (11 of 12, RNZ)

6:00 AM. Breakfast with Paul Brennan

An early miscellany of music, stories and random thoughts including:
6:14  Witness: History as told by the people who were there (BBC)
6:35 One Quick Question: Rapid answers to listeners’ queries (RNZ)
6:45 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy: Cuneiform Tim Harford tells the fascinating stories of 50 inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped create the economic world. (BBC)
7:10 The Mini Doc: ​New Leash on Life  AUT radio student Dylan Kelly tests the growing trend of cold exposure training, where people look to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

8:00 AM. Summer Report with Alex Perrottet

An hour of summer news and information, including interviews with the newsmakers, plus sport, business, weather and features

9:06 AM. Summer Times with Megan Whelan

A holiday season of interviews, features, music and stories including at 10:30 The Halfmen of O by Maurice Gee, told by Lloyd Scott (RNZ)

Noon The World at Noon

A roundup of today's news and sport

12:12 PM. Worldwatch

The stories behind the international headlines

12:28 PM. Matinee Idle with Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris

An afternoon of alleged music and dubious entertainment (RNZ)

5:00 PM. Five O'clock Report

A roundup of today's news and sport

5:30 PM. Outspoken

Current affairs with RNZ's most experienced correspondents (RNZ)

6:06 PM. Encounters

Margaret Atwood: the resurgence of ‘The Handmaid's Tale’.
The Canadian author’s Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel 'The Handmaid's Tale' is enjoying a resurgence. It has  been made into a film, an opera and a ballet and a TV series based on the book as well as a graphic novel and an audio book were released though 2017.  There are also fears the dystopian totalitarian United States it depicts could be reflected in Trump's America.(RNZ)

Mark Forsyth: History of Boozing
Mark Forsyth raises a glass to our long and sometimes fraught relationship with alcohol through the ages.(RNZ)

7:06 PM. Summer Science

Highlights from the world of science and the environment, with Our Changing World’s Alison Ballance, with new podcasts from University of Otago science communication students. (RNZ)

8:05 PM. Encounters

Tina Weymouth: Unsung superstar
Even 40 years after creating some of rock's most iconic bass lines, Talking Heads bassist, Tina Weymouth is still overlooked in the band's story. Music journalist Carrie Courogen joins Bryan Crump to fill in this glaring blank in our rock education(RNZ)

8:30 PM. Windows on the World

International public radio features and documentaries

9:06 PM. Slice of Heaven

Choices: It’s obvious that immigration has changed New Zealand in the past. But how will it change us in the future? In the final episode of Slice of Heaven, Noelle McCarthy  looks at choices for the future and ask; where do we go from here? (4 of 4, RNZ)

10:00 PM. The 10 O'clock Report

A roundup of today's news and sport

10:30 PM. 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

Cuneiform Tim Harford tells the fascinating stories of 50 inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped create the economic world. (BBC)

10:45 PM. For God's Sake Saddle Me A Donkey by Dinah Priestley

The Rabbit Skin Coat: Rajasthan, Kashmir, Khyber Pass: Dinah Priestley recalls how a small group of travelling New Zealanders came to dine with the Maharaja of Bharatpur (17 of 19, RNZ)

11:06 PM. Inside Out with Nick Tipping


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